Suspension Trainers

The best core workout around. Period.

Core Strength

TickTockFitness is all about the core. We sell an excellent suspension trainer – and that’s it.

We believe it’s all you need – and we’re right. If you only own one piece of workout equipment, this should be it. You can take it with you, use it at home, at work, on holiday. 15 minutes a day. And you’re done.

It’s about intensity, it’s about working hard, it’s about getting – and staying – in shape. And it’s simple.

How Core Strength Training Helps You

Total Body Workout

Body weight workouts offer the best combination of strength, flexibility, conditioning and endurance.

Simple Set Up

Use the enclosed door anchor to set up your trainer in seconds. Tool-free installation means you can be working out minutes after the postman has delivered the trainer!

Low Impact

Great results – suitable for beginners and pros, a suspension trainer allows for full cardiovascular & muscular workouts, with targeted training or full-body training possible.

Core Strength

Core muscle groups offer extended benefits to your stability and strength. Suspension training is great way to target the core, regularly, at low cost and with the minimum of fuss.

One Size Fits All

Increases muscular endurance levels – from wanting to improve overall fitness, to generating levels of performance & endurance that will benefit your active lifestyle

Strong & Durable

Extra-thick nylon straps, coupled with industrial strength carabiners ensure this home gym equipment goes the distance. No replacement parts needed.

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