This Suspension Trainer Mount can be affixed to your wall or ceiling, turning any room in the house (or garage, or outdoor space … !) into your own home gym & fitness studio. Ideally suited for suspension trainers & strap systems, crossfit olympic rings and other body weight strength training (think punching bags, etc.).

This supremely durable mount provides you with a permanent wall or ceiling fixture allowing for in home use of your suspension trainer & crossfit systems. Can be reliably used in a home or professional setting and only takes a few minutes to install. Just bring the drill … everything else included.

  • IMPRESSIVELY DURABLE anchor point – affix your indoor or outdoor workout equipment to this sturdy wall or ceiling mount
  • STEEL PLATE attaches to wall, vertical studs, or to a secure overhead beam
  • ANCHORING SOLUTION for all suspension straps, olympic rings, crossfit equipment, yoga swings, punch bags, other boxing equipment, battle ropes, etc.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNT supports all brands of suspension trainer & body weight exercise equipment, and crossfit training rings
  • SUPER STRONG steel manufacture ensures years and years of use. Proper installation required with strong fittings included

This suspension trainer mount is extremely durable, strong, and well made (even if we say so ourselves). It is, however, only as reliable as the person installing it … make sure that the wall / ceiling / other surface you’re attaching it to can take the weight!

Just £13.99

Just £13.99 for our super strong wall mount.

We supply everything you need to get set up – you bring the drill, and you’re all set. Make sure that whatever you’re attaching it to is strong … this has to support your weight. We don’t recommend attaching to MDF / thin partition walls, for example. If you’re attaching to the ceiling, look for a joist.

£16.99 £13.99

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