Transform your workout regime, your body and your muscle definition with our Suspension Trainer Workout Poster.

  • 40 EXERCISES FOR YOUR SUSPENSION TRAINER WORKOUT. Comprehensive guide to exercising with a suspension training kit. Perfect for your home gym or exercise studio
  • SIMPLE TO FOLLOW, EASY TO READ. Clear illustrations show you the start / finish positions for each exercise, as well as which muscles – front and back – are targeted
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: 40 exercises across all key muscle groups, including chest, back, legs, arms and core, ensure your entire body is stretched and worked like never before!
  • UNIVERSAL WORKOUT: a suspension trainer based workout is suitable for everyone. No matter your existing level of fitness or conditioning, a suspension training kit allows you to work with what you’ve got, improving every step of the way, whether you’re a total beginner or an elite athlete!
  • BUILD MUSCLE, TONE AND CONDITION without expensive gym equipment or gym membership! With just one piece of equipment – a suspension trainer – you can achieve the results you want. Use this posterto guide you through your entire workout.

A suspension trainer is the perfect home workout … but are you getting the most out of it? Are you working all the major muscle groups? Are you doing exercises? Are you even doing the exercises right in the first place?

With our bodyweight workout program for suspension trainers, you can be sure you’re done everything you can to maximise gains, build muscle and tone your body.

With 40 (forty!) exercises you can be sure you’re working every muscle you’ve got. Give it 100% and we guarantee you’ll be sore tomorrow (good sore)!

Each exercise has been chosen by our certified personal trainer and approved by our resident physiotherapist. We recommend using at least 2 exercises from each group, performing 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps for each. Keep it varied to keep motivated!

Follow the steps for each exercise and you can be sure to gain maximum benefit from your next suspension workout!

A good resistance workout breaks down your muscles, for them to be re-built bigger and stronger.

Our Suspension Workout Poster Features:

  • Most comprehensive suspension workout poster available
  • Super high quality paper – 220 gsm
  • Color fast ink – won’t smudge to touch, and lasts a long time
  • Made in the UK

Just £13,99 … for now!

The perfect companion piece to our Suspension Trainer this poster will help ensure you’re doing your exercises correctly for maximum benefit. It’s A2, and professionally printed on high quality paper for durability.

£18.99 £13.99

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